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The Hartmann Software Group is a leading solutions-based information technology provider for companies of all sizes that provides its clients with high-end software design, development, implementation and procurement services.

The objective of the Hartmann Software Group is to offer technical know-how to successfully develop sophisticated software systems, integrate desperate applications, establish software development methodologies between IT and business departments, isolate business functionality/business rules and accelerate time to market deliverables, configure computer banks/cloud systems to handle extreme input loads, utilize and maintain a variety of Database Management Systems and to offer, develop and procure expertise in a number and varied grouping of software languages.

What sets the Hartmann Software Group apart from other companies is talent, insight and expertise. From many years of helping large to mid-size organizations grow their knowledge base and build their IT infrastructure, from having been instrumental in designing and developing a variety software applications and from having been a resource to many of IT professionals, it is safe to say that we at the Hartmann Software Group teach AND develop what we know ... Software!

Design and Development

With the introduction of smart devices, e-marketplaces, electronic forms, SEO practices, big data, virtual office environments, media streaming and so much more, there is hardly a business whose livelihood is not, in some way, dependent upon the inclusion of such software functionality into its online presence, work environment and product offerings. Such inclusion often presents a complex array of challenges that are far beyond the expertise of the business as it demands an understanding of technological options, modular decomposition, backend systems integration and web services. Most importantly, the business requires IT talent and expertise; this is where the Hartmann Software Group shines. To that end, here is an overview of some of the services that we offer:

  1. Bridge the gap between development and IT operations.
  2. Migrate off older systems, platforms and applications.
  3. Integrate disparate systems In Information Technology, a disparate system or a disparate data system is a computer data processing system that was designed to operate as a fundamentally distinct data processing system without exchanging data or interacting with other computer data processing systems. Some disadvantages disparate systems could be bringing to a business include:
    • Wasted employee productivity
    • Lack of real-time visibility
    • Higher cost of customer acquisition
  4. Data integration the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information
  5. Business Rule isolation and integration for large scale systems using Blaze Advisor
  6. Develop Java, .NET, Perl, Python, TCL and C++ related technologies for Web, Telephony, Transactional i.e. financial and a variety of other considerations.
  7. Windows and Unix/Linux System Administration.
  8. Application Server Administration and Development, in particular, Weblogic, Oracle and JBoss.
  9. Desperate application communication by way of Web Services (SOAP & Restful), RMI, EJBs, Sockets, HTTP, FTP and a number of other protocols.
  10. Graphics Rich application development work i.e. fat clients and/or Web Clients to include graphic design
  11. Performance improvement through code rewrites, code interpreter enhancements, inline and native code compilations and system alterations.
  12. Mentoring of IT and Business Teams for quick and guaranteed expertise transfer.
  13. Architect both small and large software development systems to include: Data Dictionaries, UML Diagrams, Software & Systems Selections and more

Employ the Hartmann Software Group to design and develop an application or a portion of your application. We generate use cases, UML documentation, architect the system, create an object model, iteratively develop the system, unit and system test and modularize where necessary. These types of engagements are typically longterm and, almost always, incorporate a variety of software technologies.

If you are in need of expertise but only require the assistance of one or two engineers, the Hartmann Software Group can be of help. Instead of procuring talent by way of a placement agency who is likely to contact us, come to the Hartmann Software Group directly. You may realize some savings.


The coaching program integrates our course instruction with hands on software development practices. By employing XP (Extreme Programming) techniques, we teach students as follows:

  • Configure and integrate the needed development tools
  • Monitor each students progress and offer feedback, perspective and alternatives when needed.
  • Establish an action plan to yield a set of deliverables in order to guarantee productive learning.
  • Commit to a deliverable time line.
  • Hold each student accountable to a standard that is comparable to that of an engineer/project manager with at least one year's experience in the field.
These coaching cycles typically last 2-4 weeks in duration.

Our ExpertiseConsulting & Development Services



.NET (C#), Java & Java EE, C & C++, Python, Ruby, Perl, Cross Platform Application Development, Legacy Application Modernization ...

Expert Systems/A.I.

Service Oriented Architecture, Blaze Advisor, Drools, Machine Learning

the Web

Web Technologies, Web Services, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, User Interface and Experience Design

Application Development

Architecture Assessments, Weblogic/Oracle/JBoss Application Servers, UML & Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Project Management


Linux/Unix/Windows Administration, Database Design and Optimization, Architecture Assessments