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cost: $ 2090length: 2.5 day(s)
The Blaze Rule Engine has become the de facto rule engine due in part because of the products's offerings and extentions. In order to fully capitalize on the functionality of this superb application, we have created an equally outstanding Blaze training curriculum. By incorporating the extended expertise we have procurred via a variety of development engagements, this course provides the student ...
cost: $ 1690length: 2 day(s)
This courses teaches business analysts business rule development, project lifecycle and the Blaze Advisor Software. br/ Analysts are provided with an understanding of data abstraction, rule configuration, decision metaphors and more. ...
cost: $ 2090length: 3 day(s)
Why write programs when the computer can instead learn them from data? In this class you will learn how to make this happen, from the simplest machine learning algorithms to quite sophisticated ones. ...
cost: $ 490length: 1 day(s)
Attendees should have some experience working with development software professionals and managers having developed products that diagnose problems in the business as well as provide predictive feedback on where the business is heading. Critical thinking skills and experience in mining and extracting of data are a plus. ...
cost: $ 3170length: 6 day(s)
The MCSA: Machine Learning boot camp is 6 days of an intense deep dive into Microsoft Azure machine learning and Big Data with R Server and SQL R Services... After completing this boot camp, students will be able to: - Deploy HDInsight Clusters. - Authorizing Users to Access Resources. - Loading Data into HDInsight. - Troubleshooting HDInsight. - Implement Batch Solutions. - Design Batch ETL ...

Business Analysis Classes

cost: $ 1200length: 3 day(s)
Data Analytics is the practice of using data for gaining insights, for forecasting and for decision-making. This training workshop will introduce techniques and tools that knowledge workers can use for analyzing data using popular software tools. At the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to (a) manage and prepare data for analysis, (ii) summarize data across multiple dimensions, (ii ...

Python Programming Classes

cost: $ 1190length: 3 day(s)
This course provides an overview of the basic to advanced features of the R programming language. It is presented as a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises. Course Topics: ... Data Science Basics ... R Language Basics ... Intermediate R ... Charting and Graphing ... Statistical Processing ... Introduction to Text Analytics and the tm Package ... Introduction to Collaborative Filtering .. ...
cost: $ 1790length: 3 day(s)
This class employs the Python modules Matplotlib, Scipy and Numpy, Pandas, Sklearn and the IPython to explore a variety of different Machine Learning algorithms. Students will gain an in depth knowledge of Advanced Python constructs and a basic understanding of Machine Learning. ...
cost: $ 2090length: 5 day(s)
This is a 5 - day course that provides a ramp - up to using Python for data science/machine learning. Starting with the basics, it progresses to the most important Python modules for working with data, from arrays, to statistics, to plotting results. The material is geared towards data scientists and engineers. This is an intense, hands - on, programming class. All concepts are reinforced by ...

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A successful career as a software developer or other IT professional requires a solid understanding of software development processes, design patterns, enterprise application architectures, web services, security, networking and much more. The progression from novice to expert can be a daunting endeavor; this is especially true when traversing the learning curve without expert guidance. A common experience is that too much time and money is wasted on a career plan or application due to misinformation.

The Hartmann Software Group understands these issues and addresses them and others during any training engagement. Although no IT educational institution can guarantee career or application development success, HSG can get you closer to your goals at a far faster rate than self paced learning and, arguably, than the competition. Here are the reasons why we are so successful at teaching:

  • Learn from the experts.
    1. We have provided software development and other IT related training to many major corporations since 2002.
    2. Our educators have years of consulting and training experience; moreover, we require each trainer to have cross-discipline expertise i.e. be Java and .NET experts so that you get a broad understanding of how industry wide experts work and think.
  • Discover tips and tricks about Machine Learning programming
  • Get your questions answered by easy to follow, organized Machine Learning experts
  • Get up to speed with vital Machine Learning programming tools
  • Save on travel expenses by learning right from your desk or home office. Enroll in an online instructor led class. Nearly all of our classes are offered in this way.
  • Prepare to hit the ground running for a new job or a new position
  • See the big picture and have the instructor fill in the gaps
  • We teach with sophisticated learning tools and provide excellent supporting course material
  • Books and course material are provided in advance
  • Get a book of your choice from the HSG Store as a gift from us when you register for a class
  • Gain a lot of practical skills in a short amount of time
  • We teach what we know…software
  • We care…
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